Password Manager for Windows 7 Every website nowadays requires a password. If you don’t use the same password for all websites, which is highly recommended due to security reasons, then there are simply too many passwords to remember all of them and you will need a password manager software for Windows 7.

A password manager can help you to securely store your passwords and login data on your PC. A great password manager for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 is Sticky Password 4.0

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StickyPasswords will store all of your passwords in a database and protect them with a master password. A built-in password generator allows you to generate really secure passwords that are theoretically unbreakable. It would take years to crack a password with 12 random signs.

After storing the login data of a website, you can then automatically log into your favorite websites with just a few clicks (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and others are supported).
Another time-saver ist he built-in feature to auto-complete web formst hat require your address, name or e-mail.

Free Password Manager for Windows 7

If you need a free tool, download this free password manager for Windows 7, but if you need a more advanced manager then try the shareware tool StickyPasswords (link to free trial below, retail edition $30).

Shareware Password Manager for Windows 7

Sticky Passwords
For about $30 you can purchase the full version of Sticky Passwords. Considering that this password manager will save you quite a lot of time every day this is a wise investment. You can download a free trial over at