Hiding Desktop Icons Via Command Line_thumb4A lot of people write batch scripts to optimize and customize their PC’s and the integrated features. For example, with the following tips you can hide desktop icons via command line and then put it all in a batch script

Using The Command Attrib

  •  Enter cd C:\Users\username\Desktop (replace username with your own actual username – if you are unsure browse to C:\Users\ and see if anything sounds familiar like your nick or something!)
  •  Enter attrib +r +a +h +s *

Hiding Desktop Icons Via Command Line

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  • +r (adde read-only)
  • +a (add archive attrib)
  • +h (add hidden attrib)
  • +s (add system attrib)

Actually, you will only need to add the +h attribute, but while you’re at it you can also make them read-only, archive files and system files – this will make sure they don’t get deleted easily and you can always undo that by simply changing the + sign to a – sign – simple!

You can now put this into a .bat file and add it to your taskbar and then launch it whenever needed. Then you should make a 2nd batch script to unhide the files. This is a lot faster than clicking on Desktop – Uncheck Show Icons