Extended Warranty For Hdtv Thumb Buying a HDTV on Amazon and you’re considering an extended warranty? Here’s why and some good offers

A large investment, such as an HDTV, is something worth protecting. What will you do if it breaks down and requires an expensive set of repairs? When conducting such a large purchase online at amazon.com, there are a few options for making sure the television is covered in case of damages. Below are some facts about how to find and purchase warranties and warrantied products, such as HDTVs, through amazon.com.

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Finding Warrantied Products

The most obvious way to find a warrantied product on amazon.com is to simply add the word “Warranty” to the search. However, the results this returns are not all of the available warrantied products, merely the ones with the word “warranty” written in the product title.

Extended Warranty For Hdtv

To figure out if a product has a warranty, simply scroll down to the section labeled “product description.” This section contains additional information, such as any warranty that comes with the product, a brief description of the limits of the coverage and usually a link to the full text of the warranty.

Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty

While the specifics of manufacturer’s warranties vary, there are some things that are common to most of them. Double check any warranties before you make your purchase to make sure that you know exactly what is covered by the warranty.

Average manufacturer’s warranties last 1 or 2 years, and offer only the most bare bones of assistance. Mostly, the warranty exists to protect the consumer from faulty products. Repairs or replacement of parts due to damage inflicted by customer error are rarely covered but problems due to defects in construction generally always are.

Extended Warranties

Amazon also carries warranties separate from the ones offered by the manufacturer. SquareTrade, an independent warranty company, is the primary provider for extended warranties for amazon.com’s consumer electronics and appliances. SquareTrade is a legitimate company with an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau whose warranties are underwritten by an insurance company. This is important, as it means the consumer is still covered, even if the company should go bankrupt. The reviews at various consumer input sites are overwhelmingly positive.

Are Warranties Worth Your Time?

The chances of electronics failing within the warranty period are very slim, and for that, most consumer experts dismiss extended warranties as a waste of money. The most common advice surrounding them is simply not to bother and to rely on the manufacturer’s warranty. However, most of that advice is based on the warranties offered by most retail outlets and big box stores, which have proven to be expensive and troublesome for many consumers. With independent companies like SquareTrade, it’s another story, and many advocates recommend them highly.

Amazon’s primary extended warranty service really is different from that offered by most retailers and customer satisfaction is through the roof. For expensive consumer electronics, the extended warranty can be a godsend if something goes wrong. If you feel the warranty provided by the manufacturer is sufficient, however, then good news – Amazon will not pester you to buy the extended one. However, the service is there for those who want the extra peace of mind.