Samsung Hdtv Thumb2 Samsung is definitely one of the top brands – but Sharp has some pretty great models at competitive prices as well

There is a plethora of HDTV products on the market today with countless bells and whistles. Many have 3D viewing capabilities. Prices for the HDTVs vary greatly, and smart consumers may want to study each of the top brands carefully before making a purchase.

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Lowest Price – Samsung PN51E490B4F

Samsung Hdtv

The Samsung PN51E490B4F is the least expensive model of the top HDTV brands of 2012 / 2013. Priced at $647.99, the television has a plasma screen of 51 inches with 3D capabilities, and 2 pairs of 3D glasses are included in the low price. On the downside, the television has only 720p which means lower resolution and mediocre black levels; however, considering the low price it is a solid product. This is likely the most affordable way to get a 3D, large screen movie experience in a home theater setting.

Highest Price – Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD

Sharp Top Hdtv Brand

For the hardcore HDTV viewer, there is the Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD. The most costly of the top HDTVs of 2012 / 2013, this product is brutal on the wallet with its $4,499.00 price tag, and that is its main drawback. On the up side, the product’s 60 inch LCD high contrast screen features the best 3D performance of all of the top HDTV choices for 2012 / 2013. The color accuracy is superior and the black levels are deep. Included in the price is a 2-year parts and labor warranty as well as enhanced support services. The only negatives besides the high price are the narrow viewing angles and mediocre conversion of 2D to 3D. Overall, the picture is the best around, but viewers pay dearly to see it.

Less Expensive Choices

Several top HDTV choices come in under $1,000. The Sharp Aquos LC-52L64OU is priced at $921.99 and features a 52 inch LCD screen. The product’s picture is sharp with excellent black levels; however, the television does not have 3D capabilities and the menu system is nothing special. The Vizio E601l-A3 has a large, bright 60 inch HDTV screen, but no 3D capabilities. The system does have built in Wi-Fi which is an excellent feature, especially for the $999.99 price. The product’s remote allows viewers to use the Wi-Fi feature to access social networking services and other online offerings without interrupting the program they are watching. All things considered, both of these products are good values.

Higher Priced Options

Hitting the wallet with a $2,035.00 price tag, the Samsung UN55ES8000F features a 55 inch high contrast LCD screen with 3D capabilities. However, the large screen does have problems with light bloom along the edges, and the voice, motion and touchpad controls are not very dependable. Viewers must speak slowly and enunciate carefully to have any hope of the software recognizing their commands. On the up side, the product has spectacular color and comes with 3D glasses. Sony’s Bravia KDL-55HX850 comes in under 2 grand at $1,829.00. The 54.6 inch LCD screen does have 3D capabilities, but 3D glasses are not included. This product is energy efficient with great color and wide viewing angles.

The bottom line for individual consumers is determining which features of an HDTV are most important, and which ones they can live without. Once a prospective HDTV buyer answers those questions, the decision of which product to purchase should not be too difficult to make.


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