4K Ultra Hd Tv Panasonic Thumb Wondering what 4K TV’s are all about? They are also known as Ultra HD TV’s

4K is the resolution of the TV. Because many movies are shot or digitally edited in a 4k resolution, it is very likely that we will eventually have a lot of 4k TV’s on the market from the typical brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, etc.

How many pixels are 4k?

Regular HDTV’s have a resolution of pixels also known as 1080p. A 4K resolution would be approx. pixels or close to that number.

What home theater equipment supports 4k?

Many expensive projectors already support a 4k resolution. However, we checked popular online retailer Amazon to discover that even the most expensive TV’s and projectors do not yet support 4k:

Both products above are very expensive but do not yet support 4k. According to various articles, it may take a while until 4k TV’s will available online

However, there are already prototypes:

A recent rumor suggests that the Playstation 4 (to be released in 2013) will supposedly support a 4k resolution. We therefore assume that 4k res or Quad-HD TV’s will be ready for the holiday season 2013

4K Ultra Hd Tv Panasonic

If TV’s continue to grow at this rate, we will soon need special delivery services for TV’s. It kind of reminds of the big screen walls they had in Fahrenheit 451  – if that is a good or bad development is up to you to decide