Free Defrag for Windows 7If you regularly move and copy files your hard drive slowly gets fragmented. Pieces of space should, if possible, be close together to make the file access quicker. Try this free defrag software for Windows 7 to see if your system is fragmented and defrag it if necessary.

Defraggler is a free software of the creators of CCleaner (which is listed as one of our TOP 10 Windows 7 Apps)  and is one of the best free defrag utilities for Windows 7! This free defrag software is using the same techniques that Windows 7 is using to defrag your system. However, you can use this defrag software to defrag specific files and folders instead of the whole drive.

You can make Defraggler run the defrag procedure while you’re asleep so that you will wake up and access a faster and quicker system than before.

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Download Free Defrag Software

Download Free Defrag Windows 7