SSD’s require no disk defragmentation. In fact, if you continuously defragment a SSD drive you can decrease its lifespan. Here’s how you disable disk defragmentation in Windows 7.

How to disable ssd disk defragmentation

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Most SSD manufacturers also highlight this fact in their manual. SSD’s do NOT require disk defragmentation.

SSD write performance greatly depends on free data blocks! This is important to remember – the more data you put on a SSD the slower it will get. In fact, most manufacturers recommend to only use 70-80% of the disk space available on a SSD.

Disable Disk Defragmenter Service

1. Step Click on Start
2. Step Enter services.msc into the search field and hit enter
Windows 7 Disk Defrag Service

3. Step Find Disk Defragmenter (Enter D on your keyboard while another service is selected) and right-click on it, then click on Properties
4. Step From the Startup dropdown menu select Disabled
5. Step Click on Apply

Disable Disk Defrag in Windows 7

6. Step Done, defragmentation is now disabled

With disabled disk defragmentation the Windows defrag service won’t work. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not other programs that can run a defragmentation on your SSD. Therefore, I recommend to check the task scheduler for all scheduled defrag operations and delete them.

Remove Scheduled Defragmentation

Tip: You should only remove scheduled defrag operations for your SSD, not for your HDD

You should also remove any scheduled disk defragmentation.

Scheduled Defrag

1. Step Enter taskschd.msc into the search bar
2. Step Uncollapse Microsoft, Windows, Defrag
3. Step In the right pane select the ScheduledDefrag and click on Delete
4. Step Done