Are you on facebook? Are you running Windows 7? More and more people can answer both questions with a clear “yes”.

You should definetly grab the facebook gadget for Windows 7 if you are on facebook a lot:

Windows 7 Facebook Gadget
Windows 7 Facebook Gadget

It takes a little tweak to make it work, but it’s worth it.

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Last updated: 2013

Connect with us through Facebook!

Facebook’s popularity is exploding, their stocks are rising like crazy and there’s no end in sight.
I jumped on the bandwagon and I am proud to say that you can now connect with us through facebook. You can easily login using your facebook account. By the way, all data are stored only facebook servers, so it’s 100% safe to do that! Once you logged in you can post comments and access our member-only pages. Best of all, you can also login to our forums using your facebook account!

Download Facebook Sidebar Gadget

It’s a neat little gadget for your sidebar or your desktop. You can download the Windows 7 facebook gadget here:

How to make it work:

This one is a tricky one to get working, you have to add and into your IE trusted sites. Then you need to use the gadget to sign in and set the required permissions to allow it access to your facebook account. Not an install and go gadget like most, shame the writer hasn’t provided instructions. As for the gadget it seems quite useful, certainly saves logging in all the time or leaving facebook open permanently. Will use it for a time and see if its a keeper, does take up a large amount of space on the sidebar, could possible be smaller with more flyouts.