Preview Unhide Files Thumb By default many system files and operating system files are hidden, but it’s really easy to un-hide them using the Windows Explorer

  • Pro-Tip: Viruses can also use system attributes to hide files. If you believe you have a related problem, read this article about unhiding files hid by virus

Steps to unhide system files

1. StepSelect the Desktop tile on the Start screen.

Desktop tile unhide files

2. Step Next, on the desktop screen, double click on the Computer icon to open the Explorer.

  • If you don’t see the Computer icon on your desktop then un-hide it via Control Panel >> Appearance and Personalization >> Personalization >> Change desktop icons. Alternatively, simply hit Windows key + E

Open computer unhide files

3. Step Next, find the folder where you have stored your system files e.g. C:\Windows\

C drive unhide files

4. Step Next, go to the View tab at the top and then check / tick “Hidden items” to unhide system files as seen below.

Check hidden items unhide


Normally, system files do not show up in your Windows Explorer. You have to manullay un-hide them if you want to see  them.