Download And Install Skyrim Creation Kit_thumb.jpg 1If you want to start modding for Skyrim, download the recently released Skyrim Creation Kit now! Here’s where and how you can download it.

It’s quite funny, Bethesda started a wiki over at for all Skyrim modders, but fail to mention where modders can get the creation kit. Never take anything for granted!

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1. Step Open up Steam and click on View

2. Step Click on Tools

Open Up Skyrim Steam Tools 1

3. Step Now scroll down until you find Creation Kit, right-click it and click Install Game

Download And Install Skyrim Creation Kit 1

4. Step Yes, they did not label it Skyrim Creation Kit, just Creation Kit

5. Step Now install it and you’re good to go

6. Step You should now head over to the Skyrim modding wiki and read some tutorials to better understand how to create mods for Skyrim