If you are wondering how to use the Skyrim mod manager by Nexus, here’s a great video that explains it.

how to use skyrim mod manager

The advantage of the Skyrim mod manager is obvious, you don’t have to mess around with installing mods manually. You download a mod and the mod manager can do the chores for you.

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1. Step Download the Skyrim Mod manager

2. Step Install the Nexus mod manager.

3. If you get an error, see bottom

4. Step Launch Firefox (no Chrome) and visit skyrimnexus.com. Log into the site or register for a new account

5. Step Once logged in you can see a new green button Download with manager:

download with skyrim mod manager

6. Step You will get a message that the link has to be opened with a program, select the Skyrim mod manager:

starting skyrim mod manager

7. Step Switch back to the Mod manager and go to the tab Download Manager. You will now see this:

Download manager

8. Step Once the manager has downloaded the mod open the tab Mods, select the Mod you just downloaded and it will start installing it automatically.

Skyrim mod successfully activated

9. Step That’s it – launch Skyrim using the Launch button and you’re good to go.

Video: Using Skyrim Mod Manager

Here’s a video that explains how to use it as well:

Unable to get write permissions for C:\Games\Skyrim\Install Info

If you get the error Unable to get write permissions for C:\Games\Skyrim\Install Info:

unable to get write permissions for skyrim install info

Follow the instructions below. What I did to fix the error was simply create a folder D:\Games C:\Games and then the Skyrim mod manager was able to copy files into the folder and everything worked flawlessly.

This error happens when you are running Windows Vista or late, and have put Nexus Mod Manager’s Install Info folder in the Program Files folder. You need to do one of the following:

1. Step Disbale UAC (not recommended)
2. Step Move Nexus Mod Manager’s Install Info folder outside of the Program Files folder (for example, to C:Games\ModManagerInfoInstall Info).
3. Step Run nexus Mod Manager as administrator. You can try this by right-clicking on Nexus Mod Manager’s shortcut and selecting Run as administrator. Alternatively, right-click on the shortcut, select Properties->Compatibility and check Run this program as administrator

The best thing to do in order to avoid other problems, and the generally recommended solution, is to Move Nexus Mod Managers Install Info folder outside of the Program Files folder.