Angry Birds Icon.jpg 1Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Store on Windows 8 will allow users to download and play several of the popular Mobile gaming and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games.

XBLA & Mobile Games Will Come With Windows 8 Store At Launch

The Store within Windows 8 is a software distribution platform that is similar to the Android marketplace, the iTunes App Store for iOS and Mac OS and the existing Windows Phone marketplace for apps. The Redmond based company has confirmed that the upcoming version of Windows called Windows 8 at the moment, will allow users to download and play several popular games from the mobile and Xbox Live platforms.

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Best yet, these games will be available on the Store right from the Launch of the OS. This means you can start playing them as soon as you install Windows 8 on your machine.

Out of the games chosen for this deployment are well known titles like: –

Angry Birds
Full House Poker
Hydro Thunder
Reckless Racing
Rocket Riot
Ms Splosion Man
Toy Soldiers
Crash Course

— all of them will be available on the Windows 8 Store. As outlined in earlier posts, Microsoft’s app store policy will be similar to the one practiced by Apple for the App Store. Microsoft has however one mechanism in place that rewards high performing developers with a larger cut from the sales.

Initially Microsoft will be keeping 30% of all sales. However, this will change once the app has sold over $25,000 worth and come down to 20%.

The games mentioned here are extremely popular games, especially Angry Birds. Thanks to their ubiquitous presence across several devices, absolutely everybody has played this game. The others include very popular XBLA titles like Ilomilo and Ms. Spolosion Man. And this will just be adding to the actualy Xbox Live platform on Windows 8. That’s right, Microsoft intends to integrate Xbox Live in to Windows 8, completing the standardized experience that they have planned for all Windows devices. Windows Phone 8 will surely have complete Xbox Live integration as well.