Changing the desktop icon pictures is fairly easy. If you are new to Windows 7 and need help, follow this tutorial for beginners.

Change Icon Pictures in Windows 7

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Sometimes we’d want to change the pictures of our icons because we want our desktop to look unique, or maybe it’s because we just don’t like the default icons. Here’s how you can change the pictures of your icons to something more personal or different:

1) Identify which icon to change.
2) Right Click on the icon.
3) Click on ‘Properties’

Click on Properties

4) The icon properties panel will pop up. Click on the ‘Shortcut Tab’.
5) Then, click on the ‘Change Icon’ button.

Click on Change Icon button

6) Next, you will see the ‘Change Icon’ panel.
7) You can browse to the icon file or select one from the icons listed. Click ‘Okay’ to confirm.

Browse icon from file or select from list.

8) You will see the icon properties panel again. Click ‘Okay’ to continue.

Browse icon from file or select from list.

9) Your icon is now changed.

Icon is successfully changed.

It is very quick and easy to personalize your icons, so go ahead and give it a try!