A new leaked screenshot- The Windows 8 task manager with the TaskUI enabled:

Windows 8 Task Manager

Bigger screenshot after the break.

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Let’s take a look at the bigger screenshot:

Windows 8 Task Manager With TaskUI

The task manager is using the so called TaskUI, basically a new UI for the task manager.

On the screenshot you a more tidy version of the Windows task manager. At the top we have the tabs “Programs”, “Startup”, and “Users”. You can, similar to the Windows 7 task manager, start a new task within the task manager.

Tidy UI: TaskUI

The actual task manager is divided into three collapsable menus: Windows System-Critical Programs, Background Programs and Applications.

Looks like Microsoft realized that not all people know what services are system-critical. Also, it’s so much more tidy than the old one.

Obviously, it’s not finished and missing the tabs “Processes”, “Services”, “Performance” and “Networking”, but I suppose this is only a very early version of this “modern” task manager, possibly only a test build anyway. I’m already looking forward to using this task manager in the finished Windows 8.