If you need your IP address in Windows 8 you can easily retrieve it by using various online services or if you need the local IP you can use the command prompt.
Finding your IP address in Windows 8

Find Your External IP Address

A good IP service is http://www.whatismyip.com/ that will allow you to quickly find out your IP address. This is your external IP address. Everyone could connect to your computer using this IP address:

What is your IP Address

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Find Your Local IP Address

The second important IP is your local IP. If you don’t use a direct connection via modem and you have a router for your broadband connection (strongly recommended) then you have a local IP that differs from your external IP address.

1. Step To get the local IP address in Windows 8 you can follow our tutorial how to find MAC address in Windows 8

2. Step Simply open a command prompt in Windows 8

3. Step Enter ipconfig -all and you should get your local IP address

Important: Check the description to find your REAL internet adapter. The screenshot below shows the difference, there I looked up the IP address of a virtual host. You need to find something that looks like Realtek …

Check your motherboard manual if you don’t know what internet adapter your motherboard is using!

Find IP Address in Windows 8

If you still have problems finding your IP addresses in Windows 8, post your questions below.