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Revitalised Internet Explorer continues to gain users. Are you using Internet Explorer 9 or 10, read our tutorials!

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Microsoft’s upturns in fortunate with Internet Explorer 9 continues, as the browser gains users from Firefox and Chrome users

Remember when we hated Internet Explorer, and jumped ship to Mozilla and later Google? Well, when Internet Explorer 9 came along and the reviews started to roll in users found it was actually pretty good. It should be no surprise, then, that Internet Explorer now gaining users from the ‘other two’ browsers.

Over the last five months the browser had a net gain of 1.2 percent global usage share over the past five months, and has reversed “usage share declines” over the last few years (probably caused by poor performances before IE 9). Over the last month, the browser gained .99 percent last month.

“Explorer now has 53.83 percent of the market” compared with 20.55 percent for Firefox and 18.57 percent for Chrome. Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 has been particularly dominant.

“In the U.S. it is responsible for 48.8% of web traffic,” compared with 14.6% of Chrome and 11.6% of Firefox.

A Microsoft rep also said that Internet Explorer has reached an “inflection point,” with promotions such as the tumblr site promoting positive feedback causing the browser to have the upturn in form.

Metro IE will continue momentum

What seems obvious to me is that when Windows 8 launches, Internet Explorer is going to be pitched as an integral part of the browser. Internet Explorer 10 goes full screen within the Metro side of the desktop, and represents a big shift from the established appearance.
Reception has been positive to the change, with the the good performance from IE 9 continuing. Among the features are the Charms bar repositioning key functions, with the address bar only showing up when URLs are entered.

The only downside for Microsoft is that they are allowing other browsers to work in Windows 8, and not concurrently. Microsoft are saying to have browsers work in Metro Windows 8 and Desktop Windows 8, they have to be the default browser. That means no using Chrome in Desktop Windows 8, and IE 10 in Metro Windows 8. The reason is that Microsoft don’t want users being thrown into another half.