Use the netsh interface command to fix common IPv6 problems

CMD search

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IPV6 is an internet protocol that helps Windows in connecting with the internet and downloading/browsing data. Microsoft decided that the IPV6 protocol run in Windows 7, and Windows 8 consumer preview versions would use a random identifier, instead of the MAC address. This has created problems for the administrator when it comes to creating DNS entries in Windows 8.

If you are suffering from the same problem and want a quick relief from it, then perhaps you need to follow some simple steps listed below:

1. StepOpen up CMD in Administrator Mode by right clicking the cmd icon in start menu and selecting Run as administrator. For this, you need to press the Windows Hot Key, enter the Metro Start Menu, and search for cmd as shown below:

cmd in search


2. StepNow type the following commands and press Enter one by one. If you ran CMD using Admin rights, the response for each one of the followings commands shall be OK. as shown below:

cmd ipv6 commands

3. StepNow that you have entered the commands, what you need to do right now is to just reboot your system. The changes taken afterwards would resolve the connectivity issue faced by your IPV6 protocol.