If you don’t like a white on black background, you can easily invert the colors of the CMD prompt. Here’s how.

how to change the cmd prompt background colors

Tip: Download this fancy Glass Command Prompt Theme

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1. Step Open the CMD prompt

2. Step Right-click on the border and select Properties
CMD properties

3. Step Go to the tab colors:

4. Step To invert the colors, check the option “Screen Background“, change the numbers 0 0 0 to 255 255 255 – the RGB code for white

5. Step Check the option “Screen Text

6. StepChange from 192 192 192 to 0 0 0

7. Step At the bottom you should see a preview of the command prompt colors. It should look like this now
inverting command prompt background

You can simply use some of the predefined colors or convert colors to RGB codes and insert the numbers for that color.