If you are wondering what the atikmpag.sys file is, here is a little guide that will give you some more information. You will also learn how to fix possible blue screens related to the atikmpag.sys file.


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What Is The Driver Type?

What the atikmpag.sys is actually doing is not so important, it is important to know what type of driver it is. The atikmpag.sys is a driver file of your ATI graphic card. So, if you want to fix a blue screen of death caused by the atikmpag.sys you need to update or possible downgrade your ATI graphic card driver. This will not always work, but can cure a lot of problems, e.g. a corrupt atikmpag.sys.

First of all, in order to replace the atikmpag.sys with a new copy, remove your graphic card from the Windows 7 device manager. Then uninstall the Catalyst suite. Download the latest ATI/AMD Catalyst Suite which includes a fresh copy of Atikmpag.sys and install it. You should no longer be bothered with any BSOD errors. If you are still having problems, it might help to try an version of the ATI Catalyst Suite, e.g. 10.2. People reported problems with 10.5 and other versions.

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