Disk Data Transfer Rate Thumb SSD’s have great data transfer rates but at times it can happen that your WEI score is dropping – why is that?

NAND Flash Memory: Drop Very Normal

SSD’s like any other hardware age, but with SSD’s it’s quite noticeable when using benchmarking tools. SSD’s use a memory that is called NAND. This memory can keep data even without power (great hibernation – good for mobile devices)

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Disk Data Transfer Rate
Picture: The hard drive is usually the worst-performing hardware – the so called “bottleneck” of your system, even when using SSD’s

However, when you use your SSD for long time periods you write a lot of data to that special flash memory. This can (after some time) lower the overall disk data transfer rate. In real-life use you will not notice it, but it will have an impact on the results of popular benchmarks tools like the WEI score or 3DMark

You can try to wipe the entire drive to “reset it to factory default”, but that would be a lot of work and is not recommended, because it can lower the lifespan of your SSD (you will have to erase all of your data). If you still have a fresh SSD, you are welcome to try it, but I wouldn’t bother it unless it has severe effects on your PC performance