We previously explained how to turn off startup programs in Windows 7 or how to add new startup programs. However, some malware can add hidden startup programs that you have to disable manually.

Windows 7 Startup Programs Manager

What you need is a Startup programs manager for Windows 7 to find all, including hidden, startup programs and services.

There are two startup programs manager that I recommend:

  • 1. Step Startup Discoverer (Portable – No Installer)
  • 2. Step Security Autorun (Installer)

Startup Discoverer: Portable Startup Programs Manager

Windows 7 Startup Programs Manager Tool

The first one is a portable startup programs manager that is pretty good for advanced users.

There are many places that can possibly launch programs on startup. The Startup Discoverer will list all of them. At a first glance the tool might be a bit confusing for beginners, but simply ignore all the unknown names. After starting the Startup Discoverer click on the button Show All Runs and the tool will list all startup programs on your system. You can then export the complete list and analyze it to find any malware.

Download Security Autorun Startup Manager

Security Autorun: Extensive Startup Programs Manager

If you are looking for an alternative with a modern GUI, then you might want to try Security Autorun. Security Autorun can basically do the same things as the Startup Discoverer but is using a modern interface to display all startup programs and services.

Windows 7 Startup Programs Manager GUI

Download Security Autorun Startup Manager