Windows 7 Sticky Notes Alternative Replacement One of the best Vista and Windows 7 gadgets is the sticky notes gadget. When you often have to remember a lot things it’s definitely handy to have some virtual real estate for your personal notes, but the Windows gadget is not the best way to manage a lot of notes. Here’s a great alternative!

Stickies v7 is a great freeware tool to manage multiple sticky notes, add images or alerts and even colorize your personal notes.

For a free tool Stickies comes with tons of awesome features. It’s pretty impressive how much you can do with this tool. I do regret that you can’t insert text and images into a “sticky” at the same time, but other than that this tool is one of the best I’ve seen in some time!

Sticky Notes Manager

So, if you are looking for a great alternative to the sticky notes gadget of Windows and want to add alerts to your sticky notes, add images and create your own personal color scheme for less important and more important notes, then you will love Stickies v7!

Windows 7 Sticky Notes Alternative

You can create categories for your sticky notes and highlight text within them. Oh and did I mention that you can create backups of your notes and restore them? Yep, all of that is possible.

Download Stickies v7

Stickies v7 can be downloaded from