You want to see a really inspiring film? The film I’m talking about is a short film and was produced with a budget of $300. Recently, the creator received an offer from Hollywood, how awesome is that? Reminds of the story of the creator of “Paranormal activity”, who also created a successful low-budget film and received an offer from Spielberg!

Panic Attack Movie

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So, if you like watching and creating movies, get out there and do something. What could you possibly do wrong?
The short film that you are about to watch is not only one that proves that low-budget movies can be highly successful:

  • Panic Attack: $300 budget (offer from hollywood)
  • Paranormal Activity: $11.000 budget (offer from spielberg, most-profitable low-budget production ever)
  • Blair Witch Project: $25.000 budget (popular horror movie, Gross revenue $248639099)

Update: According to Wikipedia the revenue for Blair Witch Project was about $500,000 in the end, that’s why I removed it. Before the post-production the budget was only about $25000.

Some background information about the creator of Paranormal activity: He was a games developer and created the movie at home with a very low-budget. The most expensive stuff was obviously the equipment, but he definitely spent less than the creators of Blair Witch Project.

Watch Panic Attack

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