If you don’t use the Windows Media Player on your system and want to remove the player from your context menu, you can remove the entry with a few clicks. Changing file associations and default programs is a lot easier in Windows 7 than in Vista.

Remove Windows Media Player from Context Menu

Remove Windows Media Player from Context Menu in Windows 7

Windows 7 can do much more than many people think. Do you know of the “Default Programs” control panel for example?

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1. Step Click on Start and click on Default Programs (optionally enter default programs into the search field)
2. Step This where you can set many of the default programs in Windows 7, file associations, autoplay settings and much more.
3. Step Click on Set program access and computer defaults:

Choose Windows 7 Default Programs

4. Step Click on the option Custom
5. Step Scroll down until you find the entry Choose a default media player
6. Step Uncheck the options Enable access to this program for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player

Default Windows 7 Media Player

You have now successfully removed the entry Add to Windows Media Player list and also Buy Music online.