Recently, Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 has been released. Great work Mozilla, but what I’m really looking forward to is to use my 64-bit firefox in Windows 7. There is a Firefox x64 for Windows 7? Yep, there is one!

Firefox x64 for Windows 7

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Firefox x64 responds a lot faster on Windows 7 and is definitely a good reason to switch to Windows 7 x64.
Because the firefox is getting so slow, I was about to switch to Opera! (decent brower in my opinion)

Download Firefox x64 for Windows 7

You can download the 64-bit firefox at

They have a 64-bit edition of Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6 and (3.7). I didn’t really understand why they label it Firefox 3.7, because as far as I know Firefox 3.6 is supposed to be Maybe .next simply stands for the next increment.

How to install x32 Firefox extensions in Firefox x64?

Well, of course there is a reason why many people haven’t switched to the 64-bit edition yet. Most extensions are written for a x32 browser and don’t support the x64 firefox.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to install the x32 extensions anyway. You should download and install the Nightly Tester Tools extension that allows you to run x32 extensions in a x64 browser:

Add x64-x32 compatibility to firefox

If you should have problems with the installer, you have to wait for the next update. Some people can install it, some can’t.

64-bit Java and Flash Plugin

Java and Flash are the most important plugins for a browser nowadays. You can read more about 64-bit Java here:

Windows 7 64-bit Java Download

Unfortunately, Adobe still haven’t released a flash plugin for Windows x64, only for Linux x64. That’s why we dediced to start a petition:

Sign Petition: Firefox x64 Flash Plugin