If you want to connect Twitter to Facebook, read this tutorial.

Twitter and Facebook are the two biggest social networking sites. They both feature millions of users and many of their users overlap. In addition, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are an integral part of any marketing plan in today’s business world. Since it can be inconvenient to constantly update two accounts, the ability to connect Twitter to Facebook is an important one.

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Overview of Connecting Twitter to Facebook

There are a number of ways to connect Twitter and Facebook, and different applications offer different benefits. Some apps will tweet any status updates from Facebook, whereas others will turn the tweets from Twitter into status updates. In addition, some third party applications allow users to send updates to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time from an external account. Any connection between the two accounts can always be deleted, and some apps also provide options for which status updates and tweets should be shared.

Using the Twitter App to Connect Twitter to Facebook

LINK: apps.facebook.com/twitter/

Twitter’s app on Facebook is called, surprisingly enough, Twitter. The app is designed to make sure that all tweets get posted as a status update as well. To begin connecting the two accounts, log in to the Twitter account. Then open a new tab or window and log in to the Facebook account. Navigate to the Twitter app on Facebook, and allow the app. Once the app has been allowed, the accounts will be connected. Keep in mind that accessing the app may require turning off secure browsing in Facebook.

Posting Tweets to Facebook Using the Twitter App

The Twitter application does not create status updates from Tweets, but it will post the tweet to the Facebook wall and add it to the news feeds. Anything that is tweeted, include retweets or tweets @ someone else, will be posted to Facebook. If a Facebook friend also uses the Twitter app for Facebook, s/he will be able to find your Twitter page using the application. Though there have been positive results with the Twitter app, there are some known issues and many people report problems with the app not working properly.

Selective Tweets on Facebook

Selective Tweets, formerly known as Selective Twitter Status, allows users to choose which tweets will be sent to Facebook. Any tweet that ends with #fb will be forwarded to Facebook, but the rest will remain on Twitter only. Tweets in which the #fb is followed by a link will be posted to Facebook as well. In order for the app to work properly, there must be a space before the hash tag. Though the Selective Tweets app was not developed by Twitter, it has a better reviewer rating because it is more flexible and less prone to errors.

Connecting From Facebook to Twitter

Facebook now allows users to tweet directly from their Facebook Page. A Facebook Page is used by businesses or other organizations to connect with fans and share information with them. Anything from a Facebook Page can be sent to Twitter, including status updates, links, photos, notes, and events. Users can also specify which of the above should be tweeted. This option is only available to those with a Facebook page and will not work with a traditional Facebook profile.

Connecting Twitter to Facebook is fairly easy and can be done in a variety of ways. Just make sure that there is only one application running at a time, or your followers and friends will be bombarded with a never ending stream of tweets and updates.