Easy Hide Ip Software_ll If you’re wondering how to hide your IP address, then there are several tools you may be interested in the following tools that can make anonymous browsing a reality

A user’s IP address can give advertisers and hackers unlimited information about them based upon their searching behaviors and website visitations. While advertisers and hackers can get through privacy settings, hiding an IP address is another method to stopping unwanted views. The easiest way users can hide their IP addresses is by purchasing software to help mask their address. Take a look at the top IP address hiding software choices below.

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1 Easy Hide IP

Easy Hide Ip Software.png

Costing just $30 and with a free trial download, Easy Hide IP can help users looking to hide or mask their computer’s IP address. This software offers dozens of IP addresses users can choose from. It also prevents region blocking by offering users the choice of different countries. Customer service for this software is also knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions and complaints. On the downside, dedicated trackers can still break through this software, although Easy Hide makes it very difficult for them.

2 Hot Spot Shield Elite VPN

Hot Spot Shield Elite, retailing at $30, protects users’ privacy by establishing a VPN, virtual private network, which users must access each time the go onto the internet. This VPN helps keep users’ online identities and web browsing private and secure. Users’ IP addresses are instantly exchanged for an Elite IP address, making it nearly impossible for users’ true IP addresses to be discovered. Despite its protection, many users may not want to go through the hassle of logging into a VPN and may find this program makes web browsing more difficult.

3 Mask Surf Pro

Mask Surf Pro Hides Ip.png

Retailing at $50 is Mask Surf Pro, an IP address hiding software that uses Tor technology. Tor can be described as being similar to an onion, with numerous layers to peel away, making it painstaking for advertisers or trackers to uncover a user’s IP address. Mask Surf Pro is also very user friendly and extremely easy to install and set up. While this product can keep hackers at bay, there are still a few reported bugs that may irritate users who may be unwilling to contact customer support.

4 Key Scrambler Personal

Key Scrambler Personal is another top privacy software option that offers its services for free, with just a simple download. What’s different about Key Scrambler is that it doesn’t hide a user’s IP address, but instead scrambles their key strokes so that advertisers cannot be sure what a user is searching for. Since the IP address is still visible, this software will be best suited for those users looking to hide IP addresses merely to prevent advertisers from collecting their information.

5 Fast Hide IP

Fast Hide’s version of IP hiding software is another top contender which will cost users $28. This advanced software changes and hides users’ IP addresses while also allowing users to make it appear as though they’re browsing in different countries. Fast Hide can also be set to open automatically or run manually. While this software works well, it can drastically slow down internet speeds.

Hiding a user’s IP address is essential for users seeking to preserve their online privacy. Finding a quality program to assist users with remaining anonymous online is paramount. These top five privacy software options can help users feel more secure about their internet browsing.