Music Maker 2013 Magix_thumb_ll You want to make your own beats? Sure, with the following 5 programs you can produce the craziest beats and become a DJ over night

Any users interested in making hip hop music or becoming a DJ need to find a top beat making software program to assist them. Some beat making programs are free but don’t offer the quality sound of paid programs. Finding the program best suited for a user can be difficult. To help, take a look at the top five best beat making software programs to better examine their features and drawbacks.

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1 DubTurbo

Dubturbo Beat_thumb

DubTurbo is a great beat making software option for users who aren’t very technologically inclined. It’s simple and only costs around $40. The interface is very intuitive and offers great sound quality. Beginners can easily begin making high quality tracks in WAV format, rather than compressed MP3 files. Computer keyboards can also be used as drum machines, a neat feature other programs don’t offer. On the downside, audio cannot be recorded by the program and some tempos recorded by the keyboard have reportable bugs.

2 Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer_thumb

Costing users just under $30, Sonic Producer is another popular and solid beat making program. Sonic Producer has an attractive interface and has many user-friendly features. It contains numerous sounds users can mix to create their own beats offers many helpful tutorials and guides. Users are also able to download their work into MP3 files or high def studio files. Despite its tutorials, customer service could certainly be improved for this program, and only English language sounds and files are supported by Sonic Producer.

3 Magix Music Maker

Music Maker 2013 Magix_thumb

Magix’s 2013 Music Maker software is an impressive beat making program that can be found for around $50. This software comes with a library of beats and loops that users can utilize with great search features to find sought-after sounds quickly and easily. Magix also offers 64 tracks for audio, MIDI, and video. Its interface is also very smooth and simple to navigate. Despite its many perks, it may be too basic for more advanced users and takes a lot of time to finalize one track or project.

4 Sony ACID Music Studio

Acid Music Studio_thumb

Sony’s $65 solution to an affordable beat making program produces a surprisingly powerful and high quality result for its tiny price. It contains fully functional video and audio recording and editing features as well as VST support. This is a program geared towards beat making professionals, with more advanced users in mind. Music Studio is not very intuitive, but does come with a “Show Me How” feature to explain its complex processes. Beginners, however, will need to spend a lot of time figuring out this high-tech software.

5 Image Line FL Studio


Starting around $130, FL Studio is a top beat making software choice that users generally never sway from. FL Studio lets its users work with patterns and piano rolls, record and edit audio, as well as edit MIDI. This software is targeted towards electronic musicians and DJs, as opposed to recording artists or DJs. FL Studio also offers extensive extras and plug-ins to load and connect instruments and other equipment. This software, however, may be too expensive for recreational users and is more difficult for occasional users to master.

Users looking to produce high quality beats or music edits should look into these top five beat producing software programs. There are effective products for both beginners and advanced users, with a wide array of features tailored to help even the most specialized beat maker.