If you are getting the error CDRom0 has a bad block that is initially nothing to worry about

The Device Device Cdrom0 Has A Bad Block2

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Solution 1: Insert new DVD, remove faulty media disc from your drive

In most cases, this error will appear if the CD, DVD or Blu Ray that is currently in your drive has a bad sector block. This can easily happen when you burn yourself a DVD. If you burn the DVD and the burning software fails to finalize the sessions, then it’s very likely that you will get a bad block error

The Device Device Cdrom0 Has A Bad Block

Solution 2: Remove Device From Device Manager and Reboot

However, if you keep getting this error EVERY time you insert a new disc, then I suggest to remove the device from the device manager to re-install the drivers.

1. Step Enter device manager into the search bar on your Start menu and click on the top item that appears

2. Step Uncollapse DVD/CD-ROM drives and right-click your drive, in this case a TSSTcorp BDDVDW SE-606AB USB device, and select Uninstall

Uninstall Dvd Cd Rom Drives

3. Step Then reboot

4. Step When Windows starts it should auto-detect the device and re-install it

Solution 3: Re-install upperfilters/lowerfilters

If you still keep getting the “device CDrom0 has a bad block” error, you should make sure to follow our tutorial that explains how to delete the upper and lowerfilters of your DVD drive