Ok, so I checked my Event logs and found this: Name resolution for the name dns.msftncsi.com timed out. Here’s a registry tweak to fix it.

Name Resolution For The Name Dns Msftncsi Com Timed Out

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Apparently Microsoft is probing a certain address (msftncsi.com) to check your internet connection and display an “active” network icon. It’s also probing dns.msftncsi.com

You can disable the ActiveProbing either to make the error disappear or to keep your privacy

How to disable Active Probing?

So, how would you disable ActiveProbing then?

We have created a registry tweak for you:

Download Registry Tweak To Disable ActiveProbing

I Want To Disable It Manually, How Would I Do That?

Sure, simply copy this code into a notepad file and save it as a .reg file and then execute it. Make sure to select “All files” from the dropdown when you save the file with the extension .reg or you will end up with a text file but a broken registry file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 

Here are additional settings that you can modify e.g. the address that Windows 7 is probing and the DNS

Keep in mind, if you disable ActiveProbing you do not have to modify the other values any longer

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 

"ActiveWebProbeContent"="Microsoft NCSI"

Using The Registry Editor

Optionally, you can also open the registry editor and go to:


… and modify the settings there

Disable Active Probing In Windows 7.Jpg