K Lite Codec Pack Looking for some codec packs? Try this one

Codecs are programs that have been written in order to help computers decode or display various forms of video files. Codec packs are a group of various codecs that are usually downloaded and installed on a PC at one time. This makes it easier for users, as they can download a range of codecs that are suitable for viewing different videos instead of downloading each codec separately.

K-Lite Codec Pack

You can download a copy here

Undoubtedly one of the most popular codec packs, K-Lite definitely covers almost every type of video file that you can think of. It is also compatible with most versions of Windows from Windows 2000 right up to Windows 7. The installation process is very easy to understand, which makes it an ideal choice for those who don’t know a lot about computers. Users also have the option of choosing between three different versions of the K-Lite Codec package; namely the basic, standard or full version.

Various Versions Available

While the basic version contains only the most essential codec files, the full version contains codecs for almost all video files. An added bonus is that the K-Lite Codec pack is free to download. Because this package also offers encoding support, it is usually only required by those who do their own encoding or video editing. Because there are options to install third-party software during the installation process, it is important for users to pay attention during the setup process, as the promotional and third-party content is optional to install.

Media Player Classic

This is another old favorite among PC users because it not only contains necessary codec files, but it also has a built-in DVD player with a real-time zoom function. It also offers support for AVI subtitles as well as RealVideo support (although RealPlayer or QuickTime have to also be installed on the PC in order to use this feature). Users have reported that this is a better alternative to Media Player 11 because of its great DVD support. Also freeware, this program offers users a lot of functionality, including support for DirectX files.

Compatible with Most Windows Operating Systems

Because there are a few different versions, users should always read carefully to ensure that they are downloading the version that is appropriate for their needs as well as their OS. The good news is that users who have older operating systems can also make use of this codec pack because it even caters for computers that run Windows 95 and 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Although these codec packs are usually easy to install, it is important for users to pay attention when doing so. This will help prevent any unwanted software elements from being installed on their computers. Users should also ensure that they only download these codec packs from reputable sources, as this will prevent the possibility of having spyware or other malicious software installed on their computers.