If you take a closer look at the leaked Windows 8 screenshots, you will notice the “Windows 8 Tablet PC Components”. Here are all leaked screenshots of the Immersive Shell UI.

Windows 8 Tablet PC Components

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The screenshots below, leaked by Winreview.ru, show a lot of of the files related to the Immersive shell. The immersive shell is probably used in the new Internet Explorer 10 and will also be important for the upcoming Windows 8 tablet PC’s by Nokia.

Web Browser for Immersive Shell & Twin UI

One of the registry entry says “Description: Web Browser for Immersive shell“. That’s also why the new Windows 8 browser is called the “Immersive browser”, because it’s using the Immersive shell. However, I assume that the Immersive shell is also used for other parts in Windows 8. One of the dll files is called “Windows.UI.Immersive.dll”. Also, there’s a registry entry MoGo – sounds like “Mobile On The Go” that is using the ImmersiveLauncher – could this be related to the upcoming Windows 8 tablet PC’s as well? Probably.

Also revealed is the name of another UI: The so called Twin UI will play a role in Windows 8 as well (see screenshot: TwinUI.dll).

Immersive Shell Screenshots

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