If you want to know how to change the album art in Windows 7, here’s a small guide how to do that properly.
Change album art in Windows 7

There are also various tools that allow you to change the album art in Windows 7 automatically, downloading the art online. If you want to download the album art manually you should check out this Album Art Downloader

Anyway, here’s how you manually change the album art in Windows 7.

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Album Art in Windows Media Player

Just open the start menu and type windows media player into the search field:
Windows Media Player

Click on the WMP icon:

Now, when you uncollapse Music and click on Album you will get a list of your current albums.
Albums in WMP

Copy & Paste The Album Art

Now if you want to change the first Album Art e.g. “Bob Acri” and replace it with some other album art, follow the steps below.

1. Step Open the Picture Library, where you have all your images.

Pictures in library

2. Step Select the album art that you want to use. For example I will select the album art “Penguins”

3. Step Either hold CTRL + C to copy it to your clipboard or right-click on the album art and select the copy option.

4. Step Go back to the opened instance of the Windows Media Player. Right click on the album that you want to change and then select the option “Paste album art”.

Replacing the Album Image

You have now changed the album art in Windows 7.