Turn On System Protection_thumb.jpg 1If you want to use the system restore feature, you should first enable AND properly configure it.

1. Step Click on Start, then on Search

Searching Windows 8 Features 1

2. Step Enter System into the Metro search

Opening The System Screen In Windows 8.Jpg 1

3. Step Now on the left side click on System Protection

Windows 8 System Protection 1

4. Step Now select a hard drive at the bottom that you want to turn on system protection for. Then click the button Configure

Enabling The System Protection And Configuring Disk Space 1

5. Step Make sure to select the checkbox Turn on system protection

6. Step Now move the slider to the right/left to change the disk space that you want to give the system restore feature. This includes the disk space allocated for the “previous versions” / shadow copy feature.

If you have a lot of disk space, be generous here if you really want to use this feature. Personally, I am more relying on regular daily backups and backups of registry, important files, etc and the system file checker sfc.exe