If you are bored of entering the full path for a “CD” (change directory) you can simply use the “open the command prompt here” feature to directly open a command window within the Windows 8 explorer.

open command line in Windows 8

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Open The Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E

1. Step Open the Windows Explorer. You can open the Windows Explorer by hitting Windows key + E or use the shortcut on the Metro desktop

2. Step You can then browse to a location, let’s say C:\Windows

3. Step Hold SHIFT and right-click on the folder and you should get the advanced context menu:

Open command windows here

4. Step Click on Open command window here and you should finally get this:

Open command window here now

5. Step IMPORTANT: If the folder is not correctly selected (BLUE!!) it will not open the command prompt “Here” – instead it will open the currently opened folder.

There are some registry tweaks available that allow to add the “open command window here” item to the regular context menu. We’ll make sure to post this on our homepage shortly.