Do you want to change program icons instead of only changing the shortcut icon? If so, you can use ResourceHacker to modify any program icon quite easily. Here’s how.

How to change program icons in Windows 7

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1. Step Download Resource Hacker from ResourceHacker with 64-bit support can be downloaded here.

2. Step Start an elevated instance of ResourceHacker (right-click on ResourceHacker.exe and click on Run as administrator) and press CTRL + O to open the “Open file dialog”

3. Step Find the .exe file of the program that you want to modify.

4. Step Let’s say we want to modify the program icon of PowerISO:

Changing program icons: resourcehacker

5. Step Next, click on Action, then on Replace Icon …

Replace Program Icon

6. Step Now, select one of the program icons that you want to change in the right column, then click on Open file with new icon … and locate your new icon

replace program icon

7. Step When you’re done, click on Replace to change the program icon.

8. Step Click on File, Save and you’re done. If you did not open an elevated instance ad described above you will not be able to save the file, then you will have to save the file somwhere else and replace it manually. E.g. save it as PowerISO2.exe and then replace it with PowerISO.exe manually.

9. Step You have now successfully changed the program icon via ResourceHacker. Enjoy your new program icon:

New program icon

Ok, this ain’t much better than the default PowerISO program icon, but this was just an example. There are other useful tools to change program icons in Windows 7, e.g. IcoFx.