Are you looking for the best recovery software for Windows 7? Here are some of the best tools that can recover files, data, documents, music, MP3’s and whatever else you want to recover.
Best Recovery software for Windows 7

TIP: The data recovery software below is paid software. If you are looking for free recovery software read this: Best free data recovery software for Windows 7

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Anyone who has ever had their computer crash at exactly the worst possible time knows how valuable it is to be able to recover the contents of the hard drive. Whether the data was corrupted due to viruses or other problems, a good recovery program will help bring it back to life. Anyone wondering what the best recovery software for Windows 7 is will be pleased to know that there are many options available.

Why You Need Recovery Software

Data can be corrupted or lost altogether, whether by accident or by some outside force, like malware infections or an inexperienced user. However, even when something is deleted, it still remains in the depths of your hard drive, and can be reconstructed by the right program. Always ensure that the program you choose is the best recovery software for Windows 7, as each OS has its own particulars that must be taken into account. The program should also cater to the user’s skill level, as PC techs and relatively inexperienced users have different needs.

Digital Rescue Premium

Digital rescue premium recovery software

Digital Rescue Premium is the top-rated and arguably is the best recovery software for Windows 7. It is reviewed by users and industry insiders as being powerful, comprehensive, and extremely fast during scanning and recovery. It can recover practically any kind of lost medium, from images to text docs to spreadsheets, and is easy to use for beginners or experts. It is also one of the few programs that can recover lost emails from NTFS or FAT systems, plus it has a shredder option, allowing you to delete sensitive files permanently. It is priced reasonably at $50.

Advanced Disc Recovery

Advanced recovery software

Another of the best recovery software for Windows 7 users is Advanced Disc Recovery, which is almost as powerful as Digital Rescue Premium, but costs $10 less. It can recover almost any kind of file format, except for documents on RAID drives. It is a professional-grade program that has quick and deep scan options and good features such as advanced filtering and focused searching that makes finding exactly what you want easier and faster. The only main complaint users had was with the lack of live online or phone support. It is reasonably priced at around $40.


Get data back recovery software

The GetDataBack programs are the best recovery software for Windows in terms of system-specific recovery. You can purchase the NTFS or FAT versions for $79 or $69 respectively. Both programs have a simple three-step procedure, more advanced tools for more advanced users, lifetime free updates for licensed users, and you can even get data back when the drive itself isn’t recognized by the OS anymore, or if all directory information is missing. It is read-only, meaning that it won’t write on the drive being recovered, and can be used easily by beginners.

Free Recovery Programs

Most of the best recovery programs for Windows 7 options are a bit expensive, but free versions are often limited in scope (less than 1GB of memory can be recovered, for example). However, there are some free programs that deserve mention for their power and effectiveness:

Recuva recovery software

Recuva. Made by the company that produces CCleaner, Recuva is great for recovering files from your computer or ever your iPod. It is very easy to install and use, even for the most inexperienced beginner.
TestDisk. This is a more advanced tool, but it is very powerful, especially for freeware. It is open-source, and is portable. The biggest drawback is that it has no user interface, so make sure you’re familiar with command prompts to use it correctly. It works with FAT, NTFS and partitioned drives.

Having the best recovery program for Windows 7 is important if you have multiple machines or are in particular danger from system crashes and malware due to your internet habits. There are plenty of good programs available, whether you just want freeware with basic recovery options, or more advanced (and expensive) programs that are powerful and fast.