Apply Folder View To All Folders_thumb A frequent question I hear is how to apply the folder view to all similar folders. Here’s how

1. Step Open the Windows Explorer

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2. Step Now open a folder that you typically use – for example your pictures folder

3. Step Use the right-click – View – Details to change how the files appear.

4. Step Next, click on Organize and select Folder and Search Options

Folder And Search Options Selected

5. Step Click the button Apply to Folders

Apply Folder View To All Folders

6. Step Now – it’s important that you keep one thing in mind. Windows will AS OUTLINED apply the folder view of the current folder with one catch: Only similar folder types will have the same layout. What does this mean? Windows 7 provides different folder types e.g. Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc – you may have to apply your settings to multiple types of folders.

Go to your video folder and repeat the steps 1-5

Hopefully, this will help you to apply the folder to all of your folders