We have previously registered DLL files in Windows 7, but I did not exactly give away how to unregister DLL files in Windows 7. So, let’s take a look at that!

How to unregister DLL files in Windows 7

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As you might remember, to register a DLL file you only need to know the command regsvr32 and the name of the DLL file. Now there’s a command line option to unregister DLL files. Here’s an example:

Register DLL file:
regsvr32 shell32.dll

Unregister DLL file:
regsvr32 /u shell32.dll

As you can see, it’s really easy and should be doable by anyone. Simply open up an elevated command prompt and run the command, using the name of the DLL file that you want to unregister.

Unregister DLL via Command Prompt

This is of course only an example, you should not unregister important system DLL’s if you don’t really know why. It can sometimes help to solve system problems to unregister and then re-register a DLL file, but should only be considered when other steps fail.