Restoring Mrimg Backup Thumb2 Wondering how to open open mrimg files? Here’s what those files are and how you can restore the backup files

What are the files?

What Are Mrimg Files Extension

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*.mrimg files are typically backup files. One popular backup software, possibly the only one, that uses the file extension .mrimg is Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect can create an image of your hard drives. To restore the image you will need a copy of Macrium Reflect, which you can download over at

Once you have it installed you can right-click on a *.mrimg file and select Restore from the context menu:

Restoring Mrimg Backup

I already have Macrium installed – can I recover Mrimg files without booting up?

Yes, if you installed Macrium correctly there should be an additional boot options called Macrium Recovery or something similar.

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