You want to make Windows 7 more secure? Learn what JQS.exe is and why the JQS.exe file can cause trouble.
jqs.exe - what is it

Learn more about JQS.exe

Some files and processes running in the process tree of Windows Task manager create confusion amongst a number of computer users around the world. jqs.exe is one of such file that has confused many computer users and the name seems to be of a virus or a malware. Here are details about what jqs.exe exactly is.

1. Jqs.exe is a legitimate file belonging to Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U5 that was released by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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2. StepJqs.exe is a process in Windows Task Manager running in the background as a regular application if you have Java(TM) 6 installed on your system.

3. StepJqs.exe consumes somewhere around 1.5MB to 2.0MB of computer’s virtual memory.

4. Stepjqs.exe is actually the Java Quick Starter that belongs to java. The application is a must to start the Java applets and improves the startup time.

5. Stepjqs.exe is useful for only those who use Java applets quite often. Someone who does not deal with Java applets frequently has the option to disable it.

6. Stepjqs.exe has by far not been rated on the security index therefore we cannot say much about the risks associated with jqs.exe.

7.jqs.exe is a not a CPU intensive process however you have the option to remove the file from the process list by simply terminating the action. It is just a one click process.

This was a brief about what jqs.exe is. It is not a harmful processes and does not take a lot of your resources but if you still wish to remove it, you can write to us and we’o that.