Windows Media Player DRM c00d11b1 A user on our Facebook page asked how to fix the Windows Media Player error c00d11b1 “Windows Media Player can’t play the file”. There is an easy solution to make Windows Media Player play your files again. Here’s how.

This error usually occurs when DRM licenses are corrupt or something is broken. To fix the error all you have to do is to delete your Windows Media Player DRM licenses and recreate them.

Solution 1: Delete DRM Licenses & Cache

What we are going to do is now to delete all DRM Licenses.

Important: To avoid losing licenses, please create a backup before deleting the files

1. Step Follow this tutorial to Unhide all hidden files

2. Step Verify that you can see hidden files

3. Step Open a Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) and then go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\ (can’t see the folder? Repeat step 1-2, the folder is hidden!)

4. Step Delete all files in the folder.

5. Step Open the subfolder Cache and delete all files in there as well.

6. Step Let Windows Media Player download your licenses again.

7. Step Play your Windows Media Player files again

Solution 2: Security Component Upgrade Fix

This guide might be a bit older, but it still might help some to solve some problems:
Upgrade Windows Media Player Security Componennt

Solution 3: Install Codecs

Download and install this codec package: Vista Codec Package (It’s a codec package for Vista, but it should also work on Windows 7).

If you are on Windows XP, then download and install this codec pack: XP Codec Pack

Sometimes, there might be a codec issue that is causing the error and might not allow you to play any files in Windows Media Player.

Solution 4: Disable Firewall Temporarily

There can be a problem that your firewall is blocking the Windows Media Player streaming. If so, you should temporarily disable your firewall to see if that is causing any problems. Firewalls often block important ports that are required in order to run some programs.

Did this solve your problem? Do you still get the error message c00d11b1 “Windows Media Player can’t play the file”? Let us know!