We frequently have users on our site with PC problems. This one is a common – “missing operating system” after reboot

The problem description:

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something weird happened after I used MyDefrag to defragment my computer files, first I used System Disk Monthly on disk C, then immedietly after that Data Disk Monthly on disk D – that’s the instruction from FAQ. System disk monthly finished without problems, but Data Disk Monthly got stuck at Part 3/3 (Sorting). I left it for a couple of hours but still, nothing happened. So i just turned it off and restarted my PC. Here it comes – missing operating system. I turned off computer and turned it on again – it worked normally, I also did run some Norton porogram to check disk fragmentation and it said it’s good and no defragmentation is needed (as if MyDefrag worked on both despite it got stuck ?). I decided to try “RESTART COMPUTER” again and… missing operating system. So my system works normally when i turn it off and then on, and I only get “missing operating system” when clickking on “restart” from the start menu. I have no idea if something is damaged… Anyone could give me advice on what should I do? Also I found some ACER (my computer) blank recovery discs, thought it would work for the instruction above, but it doesnt, it’s not windows 7 disc :/ I didn’t get it with my PC.
I would really appreciate some info about this problem. For now i normally use my PC and I’m just wondering wtf has happened to “restart option”.
+Which boot device should I select for default? Right now I get “press any key to boot from dvd” and I just don’t do anything so it starts normally.
Help please

In this case, it very much sounds like the user has a problem with the boot priorities and is booting from another device whenever he reboots. The easiest solution would be to unplug all external devices and make sure the boot priorities are correct

boot order

Check boot order to avoid boot failure, missing operating system failure

Additionally this might help if you installed multiple operating systems and one is broken Changing boot order via Windows