Should you already own a Fire TV you may be wondering if there is a way to watch foreign content and how easy it is.

What You Will Need

You will need an actual US, UK, DE IP before proceeding. You can share VPN connections via Wifi but it’s a bit of a hassle. If you are watching content right on your PC and not via Fire TV it’s a lot easier.

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Also note that some of the services that provide a US DNS IP may not be sufficient and FireTV in particularly will retrieve your actual IP address.

You will need a broadband router that allows you to add a VPN connection in the backend. Various Cisco routers have this feature. Without it, one workaround is to set up your own Wifi connection on a laptop and then share an active VPN connection as outlined in the guide I linked above, but this is VERY unreliable and a tedious process. In a nutshell, your best best is to get a new CISCO router.

  • Workaround 1: CISCO Router With VPN Config In Backend
  • Workaround 2: Share VPN Connection Via Wifi
  • Workaround 3: Connect to,,.. on your PC and connect your PC with your TV using a long HDMI cable. Also don’t forget transferring the sound unless you have a wireless headset.

Option 3 is usually the cheapest and most reliable. Your PC will most likely have a wired connection and is perfect for streaming. A long HDMI cable can be as cheap as 10 bucks. Obviously you need a graphic card with HDMI output and a TV with HDMI ports or buy a DVI-D to HDMI adapter. You may have to experiment a little if you are unsure, which can drive up costs too.

Another workaround is to look for a local pay TV channel that offers international channels. This will usually set you back 20 bucks per month, so one of the workarounds above may be a lot cheaper.

Registering New Amazon Account

In order to watch foreign content register a new Amazon account with a new email address on, or and then add your foreign address. Amazon also accepts post boxes and if you intend to use the account for buying physical items as well you can use a service such as or other mailbox services to receive and forward packages.

1. Step Register new account with foreign address. VERIFY! that it says “United Kingdom” or “USA” or “Germany” on the Settings page depending on what content you want to access. Make sure Amazon does not link your accounts.

2. Step Within your Fire TV, go to your Settings page and use the option “Change account”

3. Step Enter the email address of your newly created account

4. Step You can now access foreign account, including Prime content and watch content that is currently not available in the US, such as Games of Thrones season 4

Don’t Move Your Kindle Account

The first thing you may probably try is moving your Kindle account via the “Manage your content and devices” page.

Unfortunately, moving accounts from one country is a bit of a hassle. Amazon does recognize you if you open a foreign account with your local address and will try to link your Amazon accounts.

When you access the page above you will get a warning:
The Kindle Stor At is for UK customers only

The Kindle Store Is For Uk Customers Only.png

Next, you may try changing the country on the settings page. And while you can enter a foreign address, moving your account is not that simple and in a lot of cases does not work flawlessy. You may encounter the following error.

We could not transfer your Kindle account to at this time

Kindle accounts can only be migrated using the same account. Please sign out and try again using the account registered to

We Could Not Transfer Your Kindle Account At This Time.png

Why Does This Happen?

Although accounts appear to be properly linked, there are some issues if you have changed your email address in the past. You have to contact customer support or use a workaround.

Why Is Content Such As Game Of Thrones Not Available In The US?

Many shows such as Game of Thrones are artificially delayed due to licensing rights. HBO believes it can increase its subscription base by making GOT an exclusive series.

While this is a valid strategy, they appear to have different licensing rights in different countries and in the UK they have released GOT season 4 a lot earlier than in the US where it is still not available.

I believe in the coming years we will see a more homogeneous licensing landscape where all major regions are treated the same or any produced content will be available immediately after it airs on TV. The upcoming TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) will most likely also effect licensing deals.

It is still beyond me how we are living in 2015 and it can take up to a year after its cinematic debut until movies are available on digital platforms.