You Must Type A File Name Error_thumb.jpg 1I often come across strange Windows errors when I develop sites locally on Windows, for example the “You must type a file name error” that you get when you try to give a file the name .minecraft or .htaccess.

Renaming .Htacces File

1. Step Open a notepad editor
2. Step Copy your htaccess rules in there
3. Step Click on Save as and when you save the file select All files from dropdown and enter “.htaccess” WITH THE QUOTES

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Saving Htaccess File You Must Type A File Name 1

Renaming .Minecraft Folder

Here’s the solution to the problem

1. Step Open cmd.exe
2. Step Enter cd C:\Users\sOliver\AppData\Roaming (replace sOliver with your own username)
3. Step Enter mkdir .minecraft (do not enter .minecraft2, the folder needs to be .minecraft)

Minecraft You Must Type A File Type 1