If you want to open multiple remote desktop connections, here’s a free tool that might help you.

allow multiple remote connections

Remote desktop software is usually very expensive, but there are some cool tools that are free and can support multiple remote connections like MultiDesk. The program looks a little outdated but it’s fully supported and was last updated in 2012, so give it a try.

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Some of the features include:

  • Only ONE executable file, small, fast (written in C++), green!
  • Portable and SSD/flash drive friendly
  • New style: status bar and fit window with margin
  • Manage remote desktop connections in groups
  • Inherit username and password from group properties
  • Drag and drop support for moving servers and groups
  • Tabbed connections
  • Connect to console
  • Change connection port
  • Import cached MSTSC connections
  • Redirect specified drives (Need RDP 6)
  • Quick Connect
  • Convenient Full Screen resolution switch Source

multiple remote connections

The tabbed UI of the program is very nice. When you right-click on Servers, click on Add server and you can start adding either IP’s or computer names (that are on your network). You will be prompted for the password and you can then connect

Another great advantage is the full-screen capability of the program.

You can download this free tool from http://www.hoowi.com/multidesk/