If you use an Iomega device and get the error “device is currently unavailable” try this.

The Iomega Device Is Currently Not Available

Here’s the tip in short: Log into admin menu, do a firmware upgrade, reconnect drive, should now connect. For instructions read on

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This is what the error message looks like “The hmnhd device is currently unavailable”

Iomega The Device Is Currently Unavailable2

1. Step Install the tools that Iomega provided e.g. the Iomega Storage manager. If you can’t find the CD, make sure to download it from Iomega’s website

2. Step When that is done, open your system tray and then right-click on the Iomega tray icon and select Manage
Manage Iomega Drive

3. Step Now log into your Iomega drive. If you forgot your password you will have to reset your drive to factory default. Read the manual for further instructions

4. Step Ok, when you log in, watch the Iomega Storage manager utility closely, it should now start connecting:

Ioemga Drive Loading After Login

5. Step It is now properly connected – it should say “Connected to xxx-device-name”

Connected To Ioemga Cloud Drive

6. Step If it is still not connected, but you can log into the admin menu (step 3), make sure to do a Firmware upgrade

Firmware Update Iomega

This should get you started again. In some cases, a Firmware upgrade will really help, but also make sure to check your firewall if you experience disconnects. Also your broadband router or ISP may cause the problems, always check that first