Ok, I knew my motherboard supported USB 3.0, but so far I didn’t have any real USB 3.0 devices – until now! Here’s a little speed comparison.

USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0

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Speed Comparison: 50x Faster

Basically, I wanted to copy 15GB to my new drive. Initially I used my USB 2.0 connectors at the front and I was getting a really slow 800KB/s – I can download faster than that!

After that, I enabled the turbo charge and connected the drive to my USB 3.0 connectors

USB 2.0 – Copying 15GB: Approx Time 7-8 hours @ 800KB/s

USB 3.0 – Copying 15GB: Approx Time few minutes @ 50MB/s

USB 3.0 Speed Test

I recently heard that some people believe USB is an alien technology that was given to us by the Greys – I’m starting to believe it. Hell yea, that’s a lot faster! Just kidding of course, but I’m really looking forward to what our PC’s will be capable of in the near future. If the trend continues we’ll soon have computers that