Backup Export Registry If you are tweaking the Windows 8 registry, it’s a good idea to export / backup it first!

The Windows 8 registry keeps track for all of your computer hardware and software changes. The registry is the backbone of Windows and any corruption or damages could lead to problems with your system. While most of the advice you would find online is to save one registry value at a time, doing so for various registry files wouldn’t be a feasible option. You would have to make a complete backup of your Windows registry that you can restore later when your system gets damaged.

Step By Step

Here is how you can do it:

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1. Step Initiate Run by pressing the Windows Hot Key + R. Type regedit and hit enter on your keyboard to access Windows Registry.

Type regedit and press enter to access windows registry

2. Step On the left pane, go all the way up to select Computer as shown below. Once selected, click on File

Select Computer and click file

3. Step You would now have the option to save the registry. Click Export to save the registry.

Click Export

4. Step Now select the location where you want to save it. Make sure to save it on an external USB drive or at a safe place where you would not lose it. Save it with the following name so that you know which date was it made. Windows Reg Backup.

Windows Registry Backup


You have successfully created a Windows registry backup file. Make sure to keep it in a safe location.