MultiMeter gadget picture This handy CPU monitor was designed for those users with quad-core processors. It features real time monitoring and customization ability in one great package!

If you have a quad-core processor, chances are you’d like to know what each core is doing, how the load is being distributed, and if your CPU’s power-saving features are working correctly. That’s where the MultiMeter gadget comes in. It was designed for quad-core machines. It gives valuable information about your processor, such as the bit number, total speed, percent usage of each core, the speed of each core, total processor speed, and a great visual representation of each core’s usage. Each core is seperately color-coded for easy usability. This gadget even monitors RAM usage as well!

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MultiMeter gadget options

In the options, you can select from over eighty different background skins for the gadget! You can also customize the destination for the double-click shortcut feature (the default is the task manager). What a handy gadget!

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If you have a Quad-Core CPU, try this gadget to keep track of your CPU usage in real time

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